Friday, 27 March 2009

Bishops expected to make statement on Monday

The Catholic Bishops are expected to make a statement on the future of transfer next Monday. The Bishops have strongly favoured a non-selective system and are not believed to be about to change their mind. There is however major concern about the crisis which has been triggered by the Minister's unilateral decision to introduce a deregulated system. I would not be surprised if the working group calls for an interim state exam for a year or two whilst a long term resolution is found.

Many senior educationalists now believe it is time for the sector to reach agreement on the way forward. Politics has clearly failed and others are going to have to step in and make an effort to provide a road map out of this mess.

One thing for sure. The true extent of this crisis will not hit home to many of our MLA's until next year when parents realise the flaws of a deregulated system and demand action to fix it. Things may get an awful lot worse before they get better.

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